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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding Cabinet Painting and Refinishing

What About Colors?

If you go with a solid color... – not the re staining or shading technique... – you can have any color you want.  Just go down to the paint store or Home Depot and pick out a color sample and we will change it into lacquer.  If you go with the shading technique and you're trying to keep the appearance of stained wood then we are somewhat limited to the colors being in the brown/black color family – walnut, espresso, mahogany etc.


This process is not an exact science and there is variation from one door to another  just like real wood has variation. Generally, we CAN NOT DO LIGHT wood grain colors. This is because light colors coming from the factory are usually just clear lacquer on bare wood.  We will not be dealing with bare wood so there is only so much we can do.  See Basic Color Scheme page

How Long Will It Take?

Most Jobs are completed in 1 to 2 days depending on a few things. One of the things to consider is  new hardware options including knobs, pulls and hinges. Are there any repairs to consider or do you want some new crown molding?  We can help with all of these things …but sometimes it may spill over to another day.  Still EASY and no hassle.  You usually don’t even need to clear out your cabinets ...– sometimes you don't even need to clear out your drawers.

How Can You Refinish Cabinets That Fast?

To answer that question  A) that's the business we are in.  We only do cabinets.  So we do several jobs a week and we have a system down.  B) The way we refinish cabinets involves a light sanding and then applying a specialized base coat so we know what we are working with.  If we had to strip off all of the old finish down to bare wood, we wouldn’t be quick.  We don’t do that process.  If you called us up and said’ "We know you don’t strip cabinets down to bare wood, …so we did it...…come and finish our cabinets". Guess what?  We would just come over and put a lacquer base coat on them anyway. C) We spend a great deal of time masking off everything so we can spray.  We use specialized spray equipment.  Once things are masked off,  the spraying is fairly quick.  D) The professional finishes that we use... – namely lacquers -  are a solvent based material that dries extremely fast.  This allows us to put multiple coats on in one single day.

What Does The Finish Look Like?

You know that feeling when you touch a new piece of  fine furniture like a dresser or table?  Well...…it looks and feels like that.  The process creates a smooth and durable surface. In many ways, the finish will be better than the original factory finish.  This is not paint.  It doesn’t look like paint or feel like paint. 


If you go to Home Depot and buy a cabinet refinishing kit by Rustoleum, …it will feel like latex paint - …because that’s what it is.

Explain The Process To Me

A team will show up around 8 am and take your doors and drawer fronts out to the garage where we will set up a mini-shop.  You won't need to remove belongings from your doors or drawers unless the drawers fronts are nailed on rather than screwed on.  Your doors and drawer fronts are taken to the garage and will be prepped and refinished there.  If your drawer fronts are nailed on we will need to take the entire and all with us...sorry in those cases you will have to empty the drawers.


The team will begin getting ready to lacquer the boxes. They will begin by masking off the kitchen and baths.  This involves taping off the floors, walls and the inside openings of the cabinets themselves.

Once everything has been masked off, everything is then sprayed with several coats of lacquer and then we begin clean up and touch up.  While one of us begins to load the truck up, the others begin to put the doors back on.  Most jobs are completed  in one day but sometimes the final steps roll over to the next day.

Is It Messy ?

Any construction job is messy and cabinet refinishing is no exception.  We are the ones that have to deal with handling the messy lacquers and stains.  The main thing to remember is: the process causes  dust. YES, IT IS A DUSTY PROCESS!!! So if you are a clean freak and dust bothers you, you'll need either not do this construction project or be prepared to do some dusting or hire a house cleaner when we're gone -  So you will have dust here and there but that’s it.  Oh, better mention that lacquer has a strong smell and lingers slightly for one or two days.

Can you get rid of OAK grain ?

Many people love the grain so we have different techniques and styles.  Our shading techniques are sometimes used to hide or camouflage the heavy OAK grain...but we can not get rid of it entirely.  It is too porous.  Oak is not maple!!!! We are able to soften it a great deal however. 


On the other hand if you want to see natural grain with maple - not possible. There is very little grain with maple when we start and after we are done the natural grain is gone.  Shading sometimes provides a method where the cabinets look like they have grain.

What About Guarantees?

We have a warranty of one year against peeling or cracking.  You need to be careful with your new cabinets for a couple of weeks, and avoid being rough on them.  Please do NOT lose your touch up paint that we will leave with you.  We do not store anyone's color.

How Much Does It Cost?

This is an easy question for us to answer and we have a way of pricing things right over the phone, but we don’t publish our rates on the website because there are several variables to consider.  As a general rule,  …depending on the options etc, most homes under 2000 square feet run about $2,000 to $3,000 - which usually includes all the cabinets in the house -– Kitchen –- Baths -– Laundry.  We also can match your hand railings and doors.  Check out Pricing Page


We know you have more questions- we are easy to talk to.  We have no commissioned sales people or pushy “know it all” types working here.  Feel free to call OR TEXT US us anytime. 

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