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Last Summer A neighbor of mine went and bought a new truck. Wow !!! super nice. It was $75,000. Awesome. Also Last summer he asked me for a quote on refinishing his kitchen cabinets. It was a smaller sized kitchen and the bathrooms and laundry room. I quoted him $2,700. He said that was too high and he could do it himself and he went and bought behr paint from home depot. It took him several weeks but it looked pretty good from a distance.

But when you got closer you could see runs, roller and brush marks. Later he asked me to come over and explain why the paint was scratching off. LATEX I said...Latex.

He told me that he was embarrassed by his cabinets. He said " I thought nothing of throwing down big money on a new truck that the payment is more than $1200 a month for 6 years....Yet I wanted to save money on something I use every day like my cabinets. $2,700 now seems like an extreme value."

"You get what you pay for" , he added

We have been refinishing cabinets for many years. I put myself through college in the late 1970's painting, staining and lacquering. I also ran a Sherwin Williams store.

We have experience and I might add get what you pay for.

Some of our clients call us in to FIX what some other inexperienced BUT CHEAPER painter did. That's OK we don't mind, But why not call the best and maybe pay a bit more...but get it done right the first time

One Call to 602-877-9800 and we will explain the cabinet MAKEOVER  process to you. Maybe you need new custom built cabinets or just new doors and drawers.  Maybe a budget process works for you.  No need to make countless calls searching for the LOWEST PRICE. We will not try to sell you on something you don't need or want. In the Long Run sometimes the best value is not the lowest price

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